The Power of Giving

The Power Of Giving : Philanthropy Life

No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.
Calvin Coolidge

As kids, most of us were told about the power of giving by our parents and elderly. We know that there is no greater joy than sharing and giving. Through charity or giving we not only derive that inner satisfaction, but we also bring about a much needed difference in the society. Giving is a selfless act that comes straight from your heart.

Apart from financial aid, there are a lot of ways a person can give. Humanitarian gestures like giving shelter to the needy, offering food to the hungry, giving medical attention to the injured, imparting knowledge to the illiterate, all constitute the act of giving.

From an early age, children of all cultures are taught that giving – in all its forms, whether of time, effort, money or love – is better than receiving, and one of life’s great pleasures (if not the greatest).

Unfortunately, once these children enter the adult world, the message of giving often gets lost under a tidal wave of work, self-incurred debt and the day-to-day issues of providing enough to survive on, both to themselves and their families.

“Although the recent movie “The Secret” spoke about The Law Of Attraction, without doubt one of the human race’s most spiritual laws, perhaps the most powerful ‘law of attraction’ of them all is the power of giving.

So what’s the best way to apply this power (and help to enrich yourself and others on many levels)?

One way is to share the fruits of your wealth-creation, whether by business or inheritance, through investment in needy areas by way of creating centres of educational excellence. Education, as Wendy Kohli, the founder of international philanthropic organization FundaKohli Foundation emphasizes, is the cornerstone of creating a happy, productive and self-actualized member of society.

On a more basic level, philanthropic donations can guarantee that those most in need are provided with better shelter, regular meals and full access to medical care (when required)

You can also give your time and skills to assisting others. You possess within yourself an abundance of talent and experience which, when allowed to flourish, benefits all those around you.

But perhaps the most important manifestation of the power of giving can be found… within yourself. A power you have the facility to use in every waking moment to better your lot, and the lives of every person with whom you come into contact, and to whom you can give your time, attention and love.

Something we all would do well to strive for on a daily basis, and something which, when given freely and with joy, will manifest multiple blessings in your life in ways you could never imagine possible.