Helping the World

Some Guidelines Helping for Philanthropy Work

Philanthropy is all about making a positive difference in the world by devoting your resources and your time to causes you believe in. In my case, I like to support causes where “a lot of good comes from a little bit of good,” or, in other words, where the positive social returns vastly exceed the amount of time and money invested.”
Jeff Skoll

Philanthropy is not just about giving away money, but it is about accomplishing goals, the goal of helping your fellow men. Most people see philanthropy as a financial aid to the poor, which is in fact just one aspect of larger picture. The concept of philanthropy is far wider than that. Apart from finances, which the rich and famous takes care of, anyone can contribute his/her talents and skills to a philanthropic activity.

There are numerous ways one could get associated with philanthropy. Some simple ways are suggested below:

The desire to help others, regardless of your background and circumstances, is a basic human drive which when harnessed correctly, can provide inestimable benefits to those who receive it.

Even though such philanthropic work may seem to be the preserve of the rich and famous, there are numerous opportunities for anyone to contribute their talent, skills and finances to philanthropy.

Here are just a few simple suggestions you can implement to help improve the lives of others, not only in your immediate area, but also in countries further afield…

1) Simple Donations:

The most commonly-used method of philanthropic, this can either be through donations to street collectors, by setting up a regular payment facility from your checking account to the charity in question (which can attract tax benefits to both you and the charity, as is the case with Gift Aid in the U.K.), or by bequeathing money to the charity in a will.

2) Voluntary Work For Charities In Your Local Town Or Area:

Charities, especially local groups, are always grateful for philanthropic help, which usually takes the form of physical assistance. With many thousands of groups seeking help, and their finances limited, a quick search via either Google, Yahoo or the Yellow Pages will soon locate your desired philanthropic body, and how best you can help it.

If you own a car… you can put it to good use (and help the environment) by ferrying charity members, or those who benefit from the charity’s activities, to and from their destinations. This could be taking an elderly or partially sighted person to the local Shopping Mall, or other similar services.

You’ll need to check with your auto insurance company that you are covered and can do this, as rules can vary from State to State. You may also need to undertake special training to help people in this way, so please ask the charity for more details.

3) Fundraising activities:

Apart from direct financial contributions, charities are always on the lookout for creative ways to generate revenue.

1) The skill base in the countryside is maintained, producing a more balanced distribution of talent and labour and avoiding its concentration in heavily built-up areas.

Organising a second-hand goods sale (known as a “Jumble Sale” in the U.K.) can provide both a useful service to the community (whilst recycling goods and saving the environment), as well as valuable extra income.

You can even put your current work skills to good use, whether you’re a builder, carpenter, actor, or marketing expert, there’s always a skill you possess which can benefit your philanthropic organization.