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Philanthropy is not just about giving away money, but it is about accomplishing goals, the goal of helping your fellow men. Most people see philanthropy as a financial aid to the poor, which is in fact just one aspect of larger picture. The concept of philanthropy is far wider than that. Apart from finances, which the rich and famous takes care of, anyone can contribute his/her talents and skills to a philanthropic activity.

The Power Of GivingThe Power Of Givinglearn more

As kids, most of us were told about the power of giving by our parents and elderly. We know that there is no greater joy than sharing and giving. Through charity or giving we not only derive that inner satisfaction, but we also bring about a much needed difference in the society. Giving is a selfless act that comes straight from your heart.

Philanthropy for Rural AreasPhilanthropy for Rural Areaslearn more

With the primary concentration of philanthropic efforts in the urban sector, we often tend to overlook the problems surrounding the rural sectors of our society. Rural areas face a long list of challenges in terms of job opportunities, education, medical care and other basic amenities of life.

Philanthropy for ChildrensPhilanthropy for Childrenslearn more

The global success of the recent multi Oscar winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has brought the plight of slum kids in India to the rest of the world. Following this a lot of charitable organizations including FundaKohli foundation, arte talking up several initiatives to help these underprivileged slum kids and bring smile on their faces.