FundaKohli: 5 Years Helping Costa Rica

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FundaKohli Helping in Education

During the past 5 years, hundreds of Costa Rican families and educational organizations have been receiving different types of aid from FundaKohli.

This organization thrives on making the best possible choices when it comes to help specific locations in Costa Rica, where basic needs of families can be satisfied and make a true difference. Throughout this period of time, over $400,000 USD has been invested, providing monthly aid to hundreds of families in need, all through the great metropolitan area.

One of the institutes that has benefited from the aid provided by FundaKohli is The School of Rehabilitation of Pitahaya: they recently received solar panels needed for the proper functioning of the school’s swimming pool, allowing it to be used for hydrotherapy.  When asked about the donation, Dr. Gilberto Cascante, Director of the School of Rehabilitation stated: -“Our institution wants to improve the quality of life of many students and families, and for this reason, the parents, students and teachers are grateful for all the help provided.”

During these 5 years, over 225 children and teenagers from the city of Los Guido, in Desamparados, have also receive the necessary food provisions for a much healthier lifestyle as well as other basic cleaning and personal use supplies.

Wendy Kohli, founder of this organization, has invested thousands of dollars in resources for FundaKohli as part of the organization efforts in philanthropic projects. Main areas where this foundation works include rural health and educational opportunities, among others. The main goal of FundaKohli is to a better quality of life to communities who are struggling against malnutrition, education issues and giving special aid to people with dissabilities.

Mrs. Kohli herself has gotten involved in the process of choosing the areas we help is needed most: -“We carefully chose the areas of action where we can satisfy basic needs of the families and make a difference. Each year, we strive to broaden the capacity of the foundation to include more people,” stated Wendy.

The goals for the following years focus on people and families who live in the most vulnerable conditions, giving new chances and opportunities to improve their lives. FundaKohli will work with similar private and public organizations, in the road to reach that goal, allowing the communities and beneficiaries to be directly involved. FundaKohli is planning to invest 1 billion colones over the course of the next 5 years I order to make its efforts stand out as the live of these families and communities improve in health and education matters.



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