Free Refractive Check Up and Corrective Glasses.

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Corrective Glasses for Rural India

FundaKohli to Provide Free Refractive Check Up and Corrective Glasses in NCR remote areas Starting August 25. 


FundaKohli recently announced that it will be providing free medical assistance to all patients experiencing complications with their sight. Some of these services will include corneal transplants and refractive check-ups. The initiative is from Wendy Kohli, who happens to be a successful internet entrepreneur and realtor. Most of the people who are currently suffering from corneal blindness live in remote areas; the foundation therefore looks to reach them by extending its services up to 100 kms from the capital.

How is the Kohli Clinic (Mobile Eye Clinic- Dristhi Rath) helping combat corneal blindness in India?

A person who has visual acuity of 3/60 or below is taken to be blind, according to the definition provided by the World Health Organization. An estimated 40,000 Indians go blind annually due to corneal problems. Although this kind of blindness can be corrected through corneal transplants, it is difficult considering the fact that one cannot use a synthetic substitute. The foundation has been trying to create awareness in an effort to get more people to consider posthumous corneal donation. This is the reason we send buses to the rural areas; so that patients can have their eyes examined daily by qualified professionals.

About FundaKohli

Since its launch in the year 2005, FundaKohli has been striving to better the conditions of underprivileged citizens by providing education, medication and nutrition. The initiative came from Mrs Wendy Kohli, who has endured hardship to get to her current status. She would like to see other people reach better standards of life through his philanthropic foundation.

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